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Rider Matched Bike Sales

A better bike fit is just the start of what leads to a better bike from Fit Werx. Learn more about the advantages of buying your new bike from Fit Werx.

Rider First Bike Fitting

"As humans, we are each too individual for a “bike first” selection process to be a consistent way of selecting the most interactive piece of equipment many of us will ever own." - Ian Buchanan, Founder of Fit Werx

Production & Custom Bicycles

Including Cervelo, Trek, Guru, Parlee, Eddy Merckx, Ellsworth, Moots, Gunnar/Waterford, K.Bedford Customs, Independent Fabrications, Felt and others.

"Never Been More Comfortable!"

“This morning I was able to put a few hours in with the new position and I have never been more comfortable. I just wanted to thank you again!” – Chad, NY

What Does A Good Bike Fitting Look Like?

“Went for a quick ride when I got home and LOVE the bike. It’s more maneuverable, better turning radius, lighter, accelerates more easily, easier on my hands and neck – LOVE IT! Really glad I spent the bucks for a much better ride.” -Annie, VT

Buy the Right Bike the First Time

Our Rider Matched process ensures that you buy the right bike the first time, thus minimizing your future costs and maximizing value.

Rider First Bike Fitting. Rider Matched Bike Sales.

Fit Werx is changing the way people ride and buy bicycles. Since 2001, we’ve taken a “Rider First” approach to bike fitting and a “Rider Matched” approach to bike selection and sales. Both put the most important part of the bicycle first – you.

Whether you are getting a new bicycle or we are working with your current bike, the result of working with Fit Werx is a bicycle that enhances your riding experience with every turn of the pedals – a bicycle that makes riding more fun and helps make your goals a reality.

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Read What Our Clients Say About Us:

Michele Hernandez Bayliss
Michele Hernandez Bayliss
19:09 19 Jun 18
Fitwerx has changed my life. It’s almost my second home and Ian, Bruce and Jim near family (I bet they hope I don’t move in!). About 10 years ago, they built and fitted me for a Serotta Ottrott which I still love- recently they updated that bike by adding SRAM etap shifters, and new wheels/tires/pedals/crank – now that bike totally rocks! 16.5 pounds or so of awesome. But the REAL deal was my new bike, a custom all Ti Moots Disc Routt RSL with Di2 shifting, custom anodization (see blog and flickr for pics!) and a hand painted fork by black magic. Okay, yes, I overspent but I am still WOWED by how much more comfortable this bike is than my Serotta – and even though it’s a pound or so heavier, it’s FASTER and more responsive –not sure how but it just is. Gravel builds are PERFECT for someone like me who wants to road bike and be comfortable and have the option of doing some gravel/dirt or run different wheels. I broke my collarbone this past winter in Cuba on a bike trip (hit the wheel of the bike in front of me and crashed) so I am very gun-shy about falling. The most important thing to me is being comfortable and being steady. This Moots is incredible – I literally barrel down this big hill by my house in Vermont at 40-42 mph – on my Serotta, it felt unstable/twitchy at high speeds. This bike just sails with no problem. It’s a gravel build which makes me a tad more upright and makes the fit super comfortable. I used to get neck and shoulder aches but NO MORE – I could live in my saddle (a Terry – awesome by the way). I love my 28mm wheels – though I’m not a fan of off-road, I’ve taken a few gravel shortcuts and felt confident I was not going to wipe out. And they have not slowed me down AND they are super comfortable going over road obstacles. I feel SAFE. I also love the Garmin Edge and power pedals – I never paid attention to power but it’s super interesting and helpful to track HOW you ride even if you are just a “joy” rider like me. I still enjoy stats and seeing my normalized power.In short, this bike just blows me away. Ian, Jim and Bruce went ABOVE AND BEYOND in every possible way. Whether you are a racer aiming to shave your times or just a 50 year old trying to motivate, you owe yourself a fitting and if you are lucky, a new bike. This is my 3 or 4th fitting and 2nd custom build and I say with confidence there is not a better bike fitter/store in the U.S. Run, don’t more
Jesse Gourevitch
Jesse Gourevitch
14:02 02 Jun 18
Had a really positive experience working with the staff at FitWerx to buy a new bike. Ian spent four hours with me on the fitting and gave me several good suggestions for how I can improve my body position. Eventually, we arrived at a bike that fit me, my budget, and my needs. Overall, the staff offer an incredible service that I have not found at any other bike more
Andrew Holzman
Andrew Holzman
20:17 27 May 18
After 10 weeks between expert fitting to delivery of my new Moots Vamoots RSL custom bike from Fit Werx in Waitsfield VT, I can’t imagine being any happier with the final results. In a word…“Wow”!!!. Not quite a month later and 600 miles on my new Moots, I’m still smiling at the end of each ride and can’t wait for next opportunity to get out on the bike! The combination of arguably the best Ti bike money can buy coupled with an expert and custom fit tailored to my body’s many imperfections, I’m now riding longer, faster and most importantly, in greater comfort. While it’s difficult to tell which aspect is providing me the greater benefit….the new fit or the quality of the bike itself…here’s a few of my early observations:Compared to my old Serotta Legend Ti, the new Moots Vamoots RSL is shorter in the cockpit (seat to handlebars) by 3cm. These changes were the result of an extensive 4-hour fitting with Ian Buchanan, the owner of the Fit Werx bike shop in Waitsfield, VT. Using an array of equipment and flexibility assessment techniques….Ian videoed my riding position on a computerized fit bike and adjusted the dimensions of the cockpit, seat and handlebar height and cleat positions to establish the sweet spots for all body contact points. Despite my own best attempts to adjust what I thought “felt right” over a lifetime of cycling, I wasn’t even close. • Body Position: Upon sitting on the bike for the first time, I was amazed how my hands fell perfectly in place on the brake hoods with an appropriate bend in the elbows. After a few minutes on the road, my arms, shoulders and back felt incredibly comfortable. I’ve been cycling (mostly road and gravel bikes) fairly competitively for 40+ years and for the first time wondered, should I be feeling this comfortable on a bike? Now after 600 miles in the first month on the new Moots, I have experienced absolutely no shoulder pain…nada...and no middle back pain either! I can’t remember when in the past 10+ years when I wasn’t suffering from almost an unbearable level of pain in my left shoulder after an hour on the bike. While at first I did have some concern that the shorter reach and greater upright position would be sacrificing to a more aerodynamic position, my overall level of comfort has vastly improved which leaves me feeling less fatigued with more energy and looking forward to my next ride! My power numbers have also improved…relatively higher average and normalized power and FTP for this time of year as well as many new PR’s on Strava segments. Most noticeably though….I can’t get over the immediate reduction in discomfort and overall fatigue especially on longer rides!• Custom Footbeds: The new footbeds have made a huge improvement to my overall comfort as well as power output on the bike since I started using them a few months ago. With my feet square and supported in the right places, I’ve had no pain on the outsides of my feet during and after my rides. • And what about the bike?: The combination of the ti frame and carbon stem and seat post seems to be a winner. While the Moots felt very stiff and responsive, I barely felt the bumps in road nor the harshness of the zipp 202’s that I experienced on the Serotta. While still technically recovering from meniscus surgery that I had in February, I was surprised to see that my power numbers were as high as they have been so early in the recovery. Again, higher FTP with and overall power output with lower perceived effort. While I was struggling to get outside during an extended winter and knee surgery, I’m confident that my new Moots and perfect fit will provide what I need to get back into my routine. I can’t thank the Fit Werx team enough, Ian, Bruce and Jim, for their guidance and expertise in putting me into the right position and the perfect bike. Without a doubt…my most valuable and enjoyable investment. I’ll definitely be back often and will be sure to share my positive experience with anyone who will listen. Thanks again,Andyread more

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Fit Werx, a Bike Shop focused on Professional Bike Fitting, Production & Custom Road, Mountain & Triathlon Bikes. Fit Werx, a Bike Shop focused on you. Watch the video to learn more about how Fit Werx can help experienced riders and racers achieve their goals.

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Are you wanting to learn how to be more comfortable and ride better or increase your distance? Fit Werx can help you improve your riding experience. Watch the video to learn how Fit Werx can help a newer rider enjoy cycling or triathlon more.

Why do we need Rider First Bike Fitting?

Much of what made getting a new bike so special for previous generations had been lost. It shouldn’t be this way. Knowledge of the human body and the biomechanics involved in cycling has progressed markedly.

Our “Rider First” fit process gathers the information necessary first to help you find a bicycle and cycling products that go well beyond just being pieces of equipment.

Our approach bridges the benefits of modern science and technology with the connection and passion of the old world craftsman.

The result is a bicycle that becomes an extension of your body and helps you explore and achieve like never before.

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What is Rider Matched Bike Sales?

The first step of a Rider Matched Bike Sale is to identify your goals and recognize your needs, such as riding more often and going further without your lower back hurting or setting a new PR at your next triathlon.

After assessing your riding position and working with you to determine what bike brands and models will fit and work best for your body, budget and goals, we carefully set-up the selected bike (or other equipment) to match your riding position.

We stand behind our work and the products we have recommended with service, support and a risk free guarantee.

The result? A better riding experience and a better bike that helps you achieve your goals.

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